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The Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message (2024)


At the coronation of King Charles III,our military were at the center of the Celebrations. Not just because the world marveled at their displays of pageantry, but because they like many, many others in the country, embodied the theme of the coronation -- service.

For the first time in 70 years, our forces sworn oath to a new monarch. They promised to be faithful and to observe and obey all orders. They understood that it wasn't about being served by us, but to serve.


Here at Raf Bry Norton, almost 6,000 service Personnel are living out that oath every day, working to keep us safe and the country secure; delivering humanitarian Aid following natural disasters like the earthquake in Turkey last year, or supporting civilians in the midst of conflict in places like the Middle East.


The C-17 aircraft based here helped to fly people away from Kabal after the Taliban took over. And it was here at our AF Bry Norton that many people landed. This UK C-17 took out 10,121 eligible Personnel from Kabal. The guys and girls here on the Squadron are immensely proud to get involved in things like that, and it's just not something you're going to get involved in unless you're serving. But RAF BR Norton is also the place where Personnel who've made the ultimate sacrifice abroad come home. When they've lost their lives, this is where they return. We're learning more and more how the horrors and traumas of War impact service Personnel sometimes long after. But there are also traumas for their loved ones.

“So you've got family at home?”

“Yeah. I've got a wonderful wife and two young daughters.”

“What does it feel like going away from them?”

“It's always lovely to come home. But uh saying goodbye can can be quite difficult. I'm very lucky that my family are very understanding.”

Families across the country feel the absence of relatives and those they love who are serving their country abroad. We fear for those of our fellow citizens who risk their lives defending and protecting the vulnerable and ensuring security.

Wars seem everywhere at the moment Wars we know about, wars forgotten. I've seen for myself the ongoing human cost of war. In Ukraine I went to Bucha where evidence of atrocities was found.

I've met Ukrainian refugees, most recently in Georgia and Romania. Families having to start again in a new country. I've met refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh after they left their homes because of conflict.

And in Jerusalem last October, I sat and listened to some of those traumatized by War, Palestinian and Israeli. Jesus Christ tells us to stand with those suffering because of war and to seek to make peace. And we trust in God who promises peace with Justice.

Every day, people all over the world pray ,thanking God for the day just gone and welcoming a new day ahead.As we look forward to a new year, and all the challenges and opportunities it brings, we pray again.

“Be kind to one another , tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God and Christ forgive You.”

Jesus Christ came not to be served, but to serve. In his death and resurrection, we know that conflict and death do not have the final word. Instead, Victory is with peace and the eternal life to come.

May you and those close to you know the hope of God and have a peaceful 2024.


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