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第四部分 写作


Dear students,

We are excited to announce that our school's English newspaper is organizing an essay competition with the theme "Join Hands, Save Food." The details are as follows:

The aim of this activity is to raise awareness about environmental protection and promote the importance of saving food. Through your essays, we hope to encourage everyone to adopt responsible eating habits and reduce food waste, contributing to a sustainable future.

Participants are required to submit an essay in English with a word count of approximately 150-200 words. Your essay should reflect a positive and proactive approach towards food conservation, emphasizing the significance of the issue and offering practical suggestions.

Please submit your entries to the editorial department of the English newspaper by the end of this month.

Let's join hands and take action together to build a society that values food conservation! Stay tuned for further updates and more details in the English newspaper.

Thank you!

Editorial Department of the English Newspaper


"This is Maya's secret," Hilda said with a big smile. "Really? You know, I jumped into the the tank to search for the clue, but returned in vain. Then, Hilda requested Katherine to put on her scuba gear again and accompanied her to swim to the back part of of the tank---it all came out! At the back part of the tank, there was a filter box, where the naughty dolphin had been placing daily items! Maya stole them from somewhere and returned them to Katherine one by one so that she could get her treat!

Now Katherine realized what had been going on. In the past weeks, she always found that there were some daily necessities or even litters lost. Once her doubts were removed, she apologized to Hilda for misunderstanding. Hilda shook Katherine's hand and hugged her, " Let's go and pet Maya now. She is a cute dolphin!" When they approached the lovely dolphin, Katherine patted its head gently with one her left hand and embraced Hilda with her right arm, "Both of you are my most unforgettable friends".


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