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Unit 3 Diverse Cultures Listening and Speaking音频和原文

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Unit 3 Diverse Cultures


Interviewer: Today our guest is Steve Fox.He’s here to talk about cultural influences on American food. Welcome, Steve!

Steve:Thank you. It's nice to be here.

Interviewer: When it comes to American food, some say no food was ever invented in America. What do you think?

Steve: Hmm...That’s not really true. For example, some say the hamburger comes from Hamburg in Germany, but they’re wrong. The recipe for the meat in a hamburger may have come from Germany, but the final hamburger we know today was definitely created by Americans.

Interviewer: You mean there was a mixing of cultures? Food from overseas changed when it arrived in the States.

Steve:Right. And there are many more examples of mixed-culture dishes. Like nachos, for example.

Interviewer: Oh, I just love nachos! Mexican corn chips covered in cheese!

Steve:Yes, they’re delicious, but they’re not traditional Mexican food. The recipe was actually invented by a Mexican cook for his American customers. Then there are fortune cookies. ….

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Steve:They’re not Chinese.

Interviewer: You're kidding! But every Chinese restaurant in America has them!

Steve: Yes, but they’re unknown in China. About 100 years ago,someone in San Francisco put a piece of paper with a fortune on it inside a Japanese-style cookie, and the fortune cookie was born!

Interviewer: Wow! That/s interesting! So they’re like a mix of the Chinese, American, and Japanese cultures.

Steve:You got it. And then we have gumbo, the spicy stew. It was invented in New Orleans over 200 years ago, and mixes French, African, Native American, and Spanish cooking.

Interviewer: So it's the food of many different cultures, all in one dish?

Steve:Exactly. American cooking often mixes things from around the world to make something completely new.


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