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Lesson 1 Excuse me!对不起! Lesson 3 Sorry, sir.对不起,先生。
Lesson 5 Nice to meet you 很高兴见到你 Lesson 7 Are you a teacher?你是教师吗?
Lesson 9 How are you today?今天好吗? Lesson 11 Is this your shirt?这是你的衬衫吗?
Lesson 13 A new dress 一件新连衣裙 Lesson 15 Your passports, please.请出示你们的护照
Lesson 17 How do you do?你好! Lesson 19 Tired and thirsty 又累又渴
Lesson 21 Which book? 哪一本书? Lesson 23 Which glasses? 哪几只杯子?
Lesson 25 Mrs. Smith’s Kitchen 史密斯夫人的厨房 Lesson 27 Mrs. Smiths living room 史密斯夫人的客厅
Lesson 29 Come in, Amy. 进来,艾米 Lesson 31 Wheres Sally? 萨莉在哪里?
Lesson 33 A fine day 晴天 Lesson 35 Our village 我们的村庄
Lesson 37 Making a bookcase 做书架 Lesson 39 Don't drop it! 别摔了!
Lesson 41 Penny's bag 彭妮的提包 Lesson 43 Hurry up! 快点!
Lesson 45 The boss's letter 老板的信 Lesson 47 A cup of coffee 一杯咖啡
Lesson 49 At the butcher 在肉店 Lesson 51 A pleasant climate 宜人的气候
Lesson 53 An interesting climate 有趣的气候 Lesson 55 The Sawyer family 索耶一家人
Lesson 57 An unusual day 很不平常的一天 Lesson 59 Is that all? 就这些吗?
Lesson 61 A bad cold 重感冒 Lesson 63 Thank you, doctor. 谢谢你,医生
Lesson 65 Not a baby 不是一个孩子 Lesson 67 The weekend 周末
Lesson 69 The car race 汽车比赛 Lesson 71 He's awful! 他讨厌透了!
Lesson 73 The way to King Street 到国王街的走法 Lesson 75 Uncomfortable shoes 不舒适的鞋子
Lesson 77 Terrible toothache 要命的牙痛 Lesson 79 Carol's shopping list 卡罗尔的购物单
Lesson 81 Roast beef and potatoes 烤牛肉和土豆 Lesson 83 Going on holiday 度假
Lesson 85 Pairs in the spring 巴黎之春 Lesson 87 A car crash 车祸
Lesson 89 For sale 待售 Lesson 91 Poor Ian! 可怜的伊恩!
Lesson 93 Our new neighbour 我们的新邻居 Lesson 95 Tickets, please. 请出示车票。
Lesson 97 A small blue case 一只蓝色的小箱子 Lesson 99 Owl! 啊哟!
Lesson 101 A card from Jimmy 吉米的明信片 Lesson 103 The French test 法语考试
Lesson 105 Full of mistakes 错误百出 Lesson 107 It's too small.太小了。
Lesson 109 A good idea 好主意 Lesson 111 The most expensive model 最昂贵的型号
Lesson 113 Small change 零钱 Lesson 115 Knock, knock! 敲敲门!
Lesson 117 Tommy's breakfast 汤米的早餐 Lesson 119 A true story 一个真实的故事
Lesson 121 The man in a hat 戴帽子的男士 Lesson 123 A trip to Australia 澳大利亚之行
Lesson 125 Tea for two 两个人一起喝茶 Lesson 127 A famous actress 著名的女演员
Lesson 129 Seventy miles an hour 时速70英里 Lesson 131 Don't be so sure! 别那么肯定!
Lesson 133 Sensational news! 爆炸性新闻! Lesson 135 The latest report 最新消息
Lesson 137 A pleasant dream 美好的梦 Lesson 139 Is that you, John? 是你吗,约翰?
Lesson 141 Sally's first train ride 萨莉第一次乘火车旅行 Lesson 143 A walk through the woods 林中散步