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The Chinese cyber buzzword "geili" literally means "to give power" but is now widely accepted as an adjective describing something that's "cool," "awesome" or "exciting."


But it was the word's antonym, "bugeili" -- meaning dull or boring -- that first grabbed public attention after it appeared online in a May episode of a Japanese comic animation.


The word has since evolved the English-sounding forms "gelivable," and "ungelivable," and the French "très guélile."

后来,“给力”一词逐渐演化,发展出按照汉语音译的英文版本“gelivable”、“ungelivable”(否定形式),还有法文版“très guélile”。

On November 10, "Geili" featured in a headline on the front page of the People's Daily. While it had the different meaning "to empower," readers were surprised and delighted to see it used by the usually conservative Party newspaper.