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1、apple  banana  orange  peach  pear  watermelon    grape  strawberry
2、big  long  small  short  tall
3、brother  father  grandfather  grandmother  grandpa  dad  sister  mom  mother
4、 bus  bike  taxi   jeep
5、chair   desk  walkman  lamp
6、deer  giraffe  7、eight  eleven  fifteen  fourteen  thirteen  twenty  sixteen  seventeen  twelve  nineteen
8、friend  girl  teacher  woman  man  student  boy
9、good morning   good afterno on   goodbyeg
10、and can great  how  how many I’m  Let’s  like look at  meet  nice really some thanks  this  too  your

Unit 1
1、  We have a new friend today.
2、  This is my friend,Amy.
Unit 2
1、  Let’s watch TV. Great!
Unit 3
1、I have a new kite.
2、  Let’s fly it!
3、  Oh! It's  beautiful!
4、  The black  one is a bird.
5、  Look at my new crayons!
6、  Open it and see!
7、  You have 16 crayons!
Unit 4
1、  What about pears?
2、  I like them very much..
3、  Let’s have some peaches and pears.
4、  Have some fruits.
5、  I don’t like bananas.
Unit 5
1、  Where is my car?
2、  On your desk?
3、  It’s under the chair.
4、  Excuse me, Amy.
5、  Here you are! Thank you.
Unit 6
1、  Look at the elephant! Wow! It’s so big!
2、  It has a long nose and a short tail.
3、  Oh,it’s so funny!/It’s so tall.
4、  You see. The giraffe is tall. The deer is short.
5、  Dad ,you’re tall. I’m short.
6、  You’re right.

1、Who’s that woman? She is my  mother .
Who’s that man? He is my father.
Who’s that boy?/Look out!
2、Where are you from? I’m from America.
3、How many kites can you see?/How many crayons do you have?
4、Do you like peaches? Yes ,I do./No, I don’t.
5、Can I have an apple ,please? Certainly!
6、  Have some more ? No, thank you.
7、Can I use your pencil? No problem.

1、Good morning,boys and gils!/Good afternoon!/Goodbye./Nice to meet you.
2、Watch out!/Come in./I’m sorry. It’s OK./Come on./Wow,how funny. /What a big fish!/It tastes good./Really?

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