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  1. Aa:     cake  snake  grapes  face /apple  bag  cat  hat
  2. Ee:     we  me  we  he  she  /  egg  bed  desk  pen
  3. Ii:       bike  rice  kite  ice-cream / milk  fish  pig  windows
  4. O     hole  home  nose  rose  /box  fox  orange  lock
  5. Uu:     student  cute  music  tube / umbrella  toothbrush  cup  bus
(一)四会单词 1、computer   board  fan  light /  this  is  my  that  your
   teacher’s desk  picture  wall  floor /  yes  it
2、one  two  three  four  five  six  seven  eight  nine  ten
Math  Chinese  English  P.E.  music /  what  time  it’s=it is o’clock for  class
3、jacket  shirt  skirt  dress  T-shirt
red  blue  yellow  green  white   /  no  not  colour
4、warm  cold  cool  snowy  sunny /  today  
Jeans  pants  socks  shoes /  let’s=let us  play  football
5、big  small  long  short / how much  
   apple  banana  pear  orange  watermelon  /  are  they
6、horse  cat  rabbit  pig  duck  dog  
   eleven  twelve  thirteen  fifteen  twenty /  how many  there aren’t=are not
1、playground / garden / teacher’s office / library / canteen
   Welcome  to  our  many  class  at  please  
   art room / computer room / washroom / music room / gym / TV room
2、lunch   English class   music class   breakfast  dinner  P.E. class
Get up  go to school  go home  go to bed  ready
3、weater  shorts so  they’re=they are  
4、hot  weather  rainy  windy  cloudy  hello  hi  bye
5、colourful  pretty  cheap  expensive  help  sneakers  slippers  sandals  boots
For  all right  them  
6、sheep  hen  lamb  goat  cow  fat  tomato  cucumber  potato  onion  carrot

(一)Let's learn部分
1、Where is the canteen?  It’s on the first 。
     Where is the art room?  It's on the second floor.  
2、What time is it ?  It's nine o'clock.   It's  time for English class .   It's time to go to school.
3、I like the white sweater with the green skirt.  I like the blue dress.
     Where are my socks? What colour? White.
4、This is the weather report.     It’s cool in Lhasa .
     Here's the world weather .  It’s rainy in London.
5、Look at that dress.  It's pretty.  Yes.It  is .
     Can I help you?   Yes.I want a pair of sneakers.
6、What are they?   They are goat.
(二)Let's talk部分
1、Welcome to our school! This  is the teacher's office.  
     How many students are there in your class?   Forty-five.
     Do you have a library?   Yes.  This way ,please.
     Is this the library?  Yes, it is.  Is that the art room?  No,it isn't.
     Your school is beautiful /cool.
2、School is over. Let's go to the playground. OK.  Let's run. Hurry.
      It's time to get up. Breakfast is ready!  It's time for English. I'm ready.
3、 Whose  is this ?  It's  your  baby brother's.  
      Where are they? These are your baby pants. Wow! They're so small. ]
      Our neighbour has a new baby.
4、 Can I wear my new shirt today?  No,you can't.  It's cold.
      What are you doing?  Not much.
      What’s the weather like in Beijing? It’s snowy today.
      What's the matter? It's windy now. I have to close the window.
5、 Look at that dress. It's colourful. It's very pretty.
       Can I help you?  Yes ,please.   What size?  Size five.
       How much is this dress ? It's eighty-five yuan. We'll take it. Oh,that's  too expensive.
       Are they all right?  Yes ,they are.
6、Oh, this farm is so big. Are they sheep/horses/donkeys?   No, they aren’t.
     How many cows do you have? I don’t know./One hundred.
    Are these tomatoes? Yes, they are. /No,they aren't.  
    Are those potatoes? Yes, they are. /No,they aren't.  
    What are they?  They're onions.    Are those cucumbers? Yes, they are.

(三)Read and write部分
1、This is my computer.  That is your computer.   
     Is this a teacher's  desk . Yes ,it is .
2、What time is it ?  It's two o'clock.  
     It's 9:45.  It’s time for math class.
3、Is this your T-shirt? No,it's not.  What colour is it ? It's white.  
4、 It's warm today. Let's play football. It's cool.  Is it cold?
5、 How much is it ? It's ten yuan.   How much are they? They’re three yuan.
6、 Are they ducks? No, they aren’t. How many horses are there? Twelve.


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