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Where is the canteen?      
It’s on the first floor.
Welcome to our school!
How many students are there in your class?
Do you have a library?
Do you have lunch at school?
The canteen is on the first floor.
This way, please.
Your school is beautiful.
We have a new computer room.
Let’s go there.
I like this one.
Is this the library?
Yes,it is.
Is that the art room?
No,it isn’t.
What’s on it?
Let’s go and have a look.

This is my computer.
That is your computer.
Is this a teacher’s desk?
Yes,it is.


It’s time for English class.
School is over.
Let’s go to the ….
Let’s go home.
Just a minute.
Let’s run.
That one is correct.
It’s time to go to school.
Breakfast is ready!
I’m ready!
Look at my clock.
It’s nice.
Can I have a try?

What time is it?
It’s  two o’clock..
It’s 9:45.
It’s time for math class.


I like the white sweater with the green skirt.
Where is my skirt?
Whose is it?
It’s my T-shirt.
Whose is this?
It’s your baby brother’s!
So many colours!
Please pass me my T-shirt.
My T-shirt is red.
This small one?
Where are my socks?
Look at these.
What are they?
These are your baby pants.
They’re so small.
But what for?
Our neighbour has a new baby!
Hurry up!
This red T-shirt is pretty!

Is this your skirt?
No,it’s not.
What colour is it?
It’s white.


This is the weather report.
It’s cool in Lhasa.
Can I wear my new shirt today?
No,you can’t.  
Come on .
Those are my shoes.
Where are they ?
They are on your feet?
Here’s the world weather.
What are you doing?
What’s the weather like in Beijing?   
Not much.
It’s rainy today.
How about New York?
What’s the matter?
I have to close the window.

It’s warm today.  
It’s cool
Let’s play football.
Is it cold?


Look at that dress.
It’s colourful.
Can I help you?
That’s expensive.
I like it.
This shirt is colourful,but it’s too big.
It’s fits me well.

I want a pair of sneakers.

What size?
Size five.

How about this pair?

Are they nice/all right?

We’ll take them.


How much is it?
It’s ten yuan.
How much are they?

They’re three yuan.


How many cows do you have?
What do you see in the picture?
What are those?

How many geese can you see?
Are these tomatoes?

Are they ducks?
No,they aren’t.
How many horses are there?

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