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第三册 第一单元
What’s in the classroom?
This is Zhang Peng,our new classmate.
We have a new classroom,.
Let’s go and have a look.
It’s so big.
Where’s my seat?
It’s near the door.
The wall is white.
Let’s clean the classroom.
Good idea.
Let me clean the window.
Look at the picture.
Good job!

How many books do you have?  I have 6.
I have a new schoolbag.
What colour is it?
It’s black and white.
I have many books.
May I have a look?
Sure.Here you are.
How many English books can you see?
I can see ….Sorry,too many.
My schoolbag is heavy.
What’s in it?

My friend is strong.
He has short hair.
Who is he?
A Chinese friend?
What’ his name ?
His name is Zhang Peng.
This is his photo.
My friend likes music.
She’s quiet.
What’s her name?
Her name is Amy.
You’re right!

You can see a bedroom.
Is this your bedroom?
Yes,it is.
Is she in the living room?
No,she isn’t.
She’s here.
She’s in the kitchen.
Open the door,please.
Where are the keys?
Are they on the table?
No,they aren’t.
They’re in the door.

CanIhavesome noodles,please?
I’m hungry.
What’s for dinner?
Wait and see.
What would you like?
I’d like some rice and soup.
Everything’s ready.
Can I help you?
Pass me a plate,please.
Dinner’s ready.
I can use chopsticks.
Let me show you.
Help yourself.
I like Chinese food.
We had a good time.
See you tomorrow.

Come and meet family!
How many people are there in your family?
Who are they?
My family has seven members.
What’s your father?
My father is a doctor.
Who’s this man?

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