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We have a new friend  today.

I'm  from  America.

Where  are  you  from?

Who's  that  woman?

She's  my  mother.

Who's  that  man?

He's  my  father.

Let's  watch  TV.

What  a  big  fish!

Let's  fly  it!

It's  beautiful.

Look at my new  crayons!

Open  it  and  see.

Do you like peaches/

Yes, I  do. No, I  don't.

What  about  pears?

I don't  like  bananas.

Can I have an apple, please?

Where  is  my  car?

It's  under  the  chair.

Can I  use  your  pencil?

No  problem.

It  has  a  long  nose.

It's  so  funny!

The  giraffe  is  tall

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