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'Home' as an adverb

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Longman 1984 has a note saying that the adverb home is used with verbs of motion, the implication being that such use is standard. And so it is, and has been since Old English. It can be even used with be when there is the notion of movement.

... Tuesday I raced home from school —Russell Baker, Growing Up, 1982

... was called home to help his father —Current Biography, April 1966

They knew that they were home and dry within five minutes —June Goodfield, Science 84, March 1984

This use is common in sports and in figurative use:

... Kirk Gibson doubled home two runs —Herm Weiskopf, Sports Illustrated, 12 July 1982

Turner hit the last ball to square leg for the Pilgrims to scamper home —T. A. L. Huskinson, Cricketer International, August 1976

... Bach's music always brings us home —Otto L. Bettmann, American Scholar, Winter 1985/86

But there seems to have been some question about its use when no movement is implied, when its sense is "at home." Such use is called questionable by MacCracken & Sandison 1917 and colloquial by Watt 1967 and Bryant 1962. Copperud 1970, 1980 cites two other com­mentators who say that the use is good American usage, but not British; Longman 1984 says at home is better than home alone in formal British English. Our evi­dence shows this home to be standard in American English, at least in the more ordinary sorts of prose:

... were willing to stay home —Thomas C. Butler, Johns Hopkins Mag., Summer 1971

... I would come and sketch in the late afternoon when the children were home from school —Aaron Shikler, McCall's, March 1971

... my first weeks home were a delight —William Pennell Rock, Center Mag., November/December 1971

I am sitting home —Russell Baker, N.Y. Times Mag., 7 Aug. 1977

... their constituents back home are crying for more federal aid —Woody Klein, N. Y. University Bulletin, Spring 1967

It is also figurative:

... walked into an economics course ... and knew that he was home —Leonard Silk, N. Y. Times Mag., 10 Aug. 1975

Copperud's commentators seem to be right. Adver­bial home is apparently no issue in American English, but we have almost no recent British evidence for its use instead of at home.

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