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Unit 1 Festivals and Celebrations Listening and Speaking音频和原文

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Unit 1 Festivals and Celebrations



Interviewer: Miss, congratulations on becoming an adult! You look amazing in your kimono. The bright colours are terrific!

Girl:Really? That's kind of you to say so. Thank you.

Interviewer:You’re welcome, Did it take you much time to get ready today?

Girl: Yes, actually. I spent hours doing my hair and make-up, and getting dressed. But it was worth it,because I wanted to look my best at the Coming-of-age ceremony.

Interviewer:Oh, you look great! Now that the ceremony is over, are you going to celebrate the day with your family or friends?

Girl: Yes. I’m going to meet my family soon, and were having a party tonight.

Interviewer:So what does "being an adult" mean to you?

Girl: Well, I think it means being self-supporting and responsible for your actions an decisions, and. /Fadeout/


Li Mei: I’m ready for Carnival,Carla. Shall we go and join the parade now?

Carla: You must be joking, Li Mei! That dress is too thick. Do you realise that it's 35℃ out there? Also ,we’re going to march along the streets for hours and dance until midnight. You need to change.

Li Mei: OK. What should I wear?

Carla: Wear something light and cool. I also think you need o wear more comfortable shoes. It'll be too tiringto walk or dance for a long time in those shoes.

Li Mei: Hmm.,. You're right Can you wait for me? I'll change right away.

Carla: Sure.

(After a few seconds.)

Li Mei: Carla, how do I look now?

Carla: Fantastic! Now let’s go and enjoy this festival! It's going to be so exciting!

Conversation 3

Guide: Now, everyone, when we turn this next corner, you’ll all have a real treat for the eyes.

Man 1: Wow! These lanterns are amazing!

Woman: Excuse me, Miss Lin. Can you tell me what's written on the pieces of paper? Are they wishes?

Guide: Not exactly. They’re riddles for people to guess. If you guess correctly, you can get a nice gift.

Woman: Oh what a nice idea!

Man 2: What else can Chinese people do during this festival?

Guide: Oh, they can do many things. They can watch the dragon and lion dances, and also eat yuanxiao with their family. yuanxiao is a kind of sweet dumpling.The Chinese word "yuan” means" family unity and happiness.


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