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Quotations about Cheerleading

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Simply because we do not run across goal lines, slam dunk basketballs, or hit home runs, doesn't mean we can't change the score.  ~Author Unknown

A good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but by the span of her spirit.  ~Author Unknown

I'm not a cheerleader.  I'm an athletic supporter.  ~Author Unknown

Players:  A vital part of any sporting event, they entertain the crowd in the intervals between timeouts so the cheerleaders can take a well-earned break.  ~Author Unknown

In any other sport, if you miss the catch all you lose is the ball.  ~Author Unknown

Any man can hold a girl's hand, but only the elite can hold her feet.  ~Author Unknown

Cheerleaders are simply a jump above the rest.  ~Author Unknown

If cheerleading got any easier, it would be called football.  ~Author Unknown

There is no halftime for cheerleaders!  ~Author Unknown

The referees have always been blind, it's our job to make them deaf.  ~Author Unknown

If cheerleaders are so easy, why aren't you with one?  ~Author Unknown

Cheerleaders know that pyramids were not built in Egypt.  ~Author Unknown

You know you're a cheerleader when you have to yell, kick, and scream to get what you want.  ~Author Unknown

Flying is the second best thrill to cheerleaders; being caught is the first.  ~Author Unknown

I trade sweat for strength.  I trade doubt for belief.  I trade cheerleading for nothing.  ~Author Unknown

There is only one way to cheer - hard!  ~Author Unknown

One of the great disappointments of a football game is that the cheerleaders never seem to get injured.  ~Author Unknown

Cheerleaders are angels - we're the only humans who can fly.  ~Author Unknown

Cheerleading is more than a sport; it's an attitude.  ~Author Unknown

I don't play the field - I rule the sidelines.  ~Author Unknown

Wimps lift weights, cheerleaders lift people.  ~Author Unknown

It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!  ~Author Unknown

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