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Quotations about Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking fills my days - not to mention my living room, bedroom and closets!  ~Author Unknown

Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.  ~Author Unknown

I scrapbook therefore I am - broke.  ~Author Unknown

I could keep on scrappin'
or I could go to bed,
but then what would I do
with all these layouts in my head?
~Author Unknown, "My Addiction"

Just as pieces stitched together in a quilt warm our bodies, scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts.  ~Author Unknown

My grandmother made me a scrapbook because I was once too young to remember; I am making scrapbooks for my family because one day I may be too old to remember.  ~Author Unknown

No scrap of paper bigger than my smallest punch shall be thrown away.  ~Author Unknown, "The Scrappers Creed"

When life gives you scraps, make something with them.  ~Author Unknown

Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream?  ~Ashleigh Brilliant

We gather up pictures and bits of our past
and scrapbook them into a gift that will last.
~Kimberly Rinehart, "Scrapbooker's Verse"

Scrapbooking isn't about scraps of paper and photos.  Scrapbooking is about scraps of life - yours and those special to you.  ~Rebecca Sower

To crop or not to crop, that is the question.  ~Author Unknown

She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes.  ~Frank Deford

Scrapbooking is cheaper than a therapist.  ~Author Unknown

My husband lets me have all the scrapbooking supplies I can hide.  ~Author Unknown

Time flies... scrapbook it.  ~Vivian Perez-Espinosa, owner of Letís Scrap!, a scrapbooking store in South Miami, Florida (www.lets-scrap.com)

A person is neither whole nor healthy without the memories of photo albums.  They are the storybook of our lives.  They provide a nostalgic escape from the tormented days of the present.  ~Patrick Garry

The album we've made is much more than a book.
It's worth even more than the time that it took.
~Kimberly Rinehart, "Scrapbooker's Verse"

A true scrapbook addict is one who stages photographs to match paper she likes.  ~Author Unknown

So many pictures, so little time!  ~Author Unknown

[Mama] follows us around
hoping we'll sneeze
So she can have the tissue
"For my scrapbook please."
~Toni Sorenson Brown, "She's Out of Control"

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