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Quotations about Sons

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It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons.  ~Friedrich von Schiller

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes.  ~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

One father is enough to govern one hundred sons, but not a hundred sons one father.  ~George Herbert

You are my sonshine.  ~Author Unknown

Don't wait to make your son a great man - make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

When you teach your son, you teach your son's son.  ~The Talmud

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong.  ~Charles Wadsworth

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.  ~William Shakespeare

Tiger father begets tiger son.  ~Chinese Proverb

Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.  ~Author Unknown

The father is always a Republican toward his son, and his mother's always a Democrat.  ~Robert Frost

A boy is a magical creature - you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can't lock him out of your heart.  ~Allan Beck

Remember that every son had a mother
whose beloved son he was,
and every woman had a mother
whose beloved son she wasn't.
~Marge Piercy

Giving your son a skill is better than giving him one thousand pieces of gold.  ~Chinese Proverb

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.... ~John Adams

We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.  ~Gloria Steinem

No one would be foolish enough to choose war over peace - in peace sons bury their fathers, but in war fathers bury their sons.  ~Croesus of Lydia

Let France have good mothers, and she will have good sons.  ~Napoleon Bonaparte

If the relationship of father to son could really be reduced to biology, the whole earth would blaze with the glory of fathers and sons.  ~James Baldwin

Sons have always a rebellious wish to be disillusioned by that which charmed their fathers.  ~Aldous Huxley

We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow.  Our wiser sons, no doubt will think us so.  ~Alexander Pope

A man's desire for a son is usually nothing but the wish to duplicate himself in order that such a remarkable pattern may not be lost to the world.  ~Helen Rowland

Your son at five is your master, at ten your slave, at fifteen your double, and after that, your friend or your foe, depending on his bringing up.  ~Author Unknown

Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.  ~Kahlil Gibran

He followed in his father's footsteps, but his gait was somewhat erratic.  ~Nicolas Bentley

He who can be a good son will be a good father.  ~Author Unknown

Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.  ~Epictetus

On the green they watched their sons
Playing till too dark to see,
As their fathers watched them once,
As my father once watched me
~Edmund Blunden

A king, realizing his incompetence, can either delegate or abdicate his duties.  A father can do neither.  If only sons could see the paradox, they would understand the dilemma.  ~Marlene Dietrich

Good fathers make good sons.  ~Author Unknown

Fathers and sons are much more considerate of one another than mothers and daughters.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Clever father, clever daughter; clever mother, clever son.  ~Russian Proverb

Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.  ~Plato

Every mother hopes that her daughter will marry a better man than she did, and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did.  ~Martin Andersen-Nex÷

A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.  ~Author Unknown

If a man has been his mother's undisputed darling he retains throughout life the triumphant feeling, the confidence in success, which not seldom brings actual success along with it.  ~Sigmund Freud

Boys will be boys.  And even that wouldn't matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.  ~Anne Frank

Man's pity for himself, or for his son,
Always premising that said son at college
Has not contracted much more debt than knowledge.
~Author Unknown

It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son - and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him.  ~Helen Rowland

Boys are beyond the range of anyone's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years.  ~James Thurber


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