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China Releases South Korean Soccer Star After Detention Over Bribery Suspicions

[2024年3月27日] 来源:VOA News  整理:Geilien.cn   字号 [] [] []  
资料照片:2022年11月22日,为韩国足球队效力的孙准浩在卡塔尔世界杯训练期间参加记者会。(美联社照片) (美联社照片)

A star South Korean soccer player who was detained and investigated in China for nearly a year over bribery allegations has been released and returned home, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Son Jun-ho, a former member of the South Korean national team who had played professionally in China, was detained by Chinese authorities at the Shanghai airport in May on suspicion of taking bribes.
一直在中国踢职业足球的韩国前国家足球队球员孙准浩(Son Jun-ho)去年5月份因涉嫌受贿在上海机场被中国当局拘留。

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that Son was back in South Korea but didn’t provide further details, including when he returned or whether the charges against him were proven.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, citing anonymous sources, reported that Son returned Monday afternoon.

Son had played for Shandong Taishan and won the 2021 Chinese championship with the Jinan-based club. Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post reported last year that the bribery allegations concerned suspected match-fixing involving the team’s coach, Hao Wei.

“We have been communicating with Chinese authorities through various channels to request their cooperation in ensuring a fast and fair process (for Son) while also communicating closely with his family in South Korea,” the South Korean ministry said in a statement. It said it had conducted about 20 consular interviews with Son to provide assistance and ensure fair access to lawyers.

Son, 31, played seven seasons with South Korea’s Pohang Steelers and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors before joining Shandong Taishan in 2021 on a four-year contract, according to industry website transfermarket.com. He has played for South Korea 18 times, including the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
业界网站transfermarket.com说,31岁的孙准浩2021年与山东泰山队签约4年并加盟之前在韩国浦项制铁足球俱乐部(Pohang Steelers)和全北现代汽车足球俱乐部(Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)踢了7个赛季。他为韩国参加了18次比赛,包括2022年卡塔尔世界杯。

Chinese soccer has struggled for years to rid itself of a reputation for corruption.