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Crews Start To Remove Steel From Collapsed Bridge in US

[2024年3月31日] 来源:VOA News  整理:Geilien.cn   字号 [] [] []  

Teams of engineers are working Saturday on the intricate process of cutting and lifting the first section of twisted steel from the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland.
工程团队星期六(3月30日)开始切除并起吊马里兰州倒塌的弗朗西斯·斯科特·基伊(Francis Scott Key)大桥的第一段扭曲的钢铁。

The bridge crumpled into the Patapsco River on Tuesday after a massive cargo ship crashed into one of its main supports.
这座大桥的一个主桥墩星期二被一艘大型货轮撞毁,并塌入帕塔普斯科河(Patapsco River)中。

Sparks could be seen flying from a section of bent and crumpled steel Saturday afternoon. The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that work has started to remove a section of the toppled structure.

Crews are carefully measuring and cutting the steel from the broken bridge before attaching straps so it can be lifted onto a barge and floated away, Coast Guard Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath said Saturday.
海岸警卫队少将香农·吉尔雷斯(Shannon Gilreath)星期六说,工程团队正在仔细测量并切断断裂大桥上的钢铁,再绑上吊带,使其能被吊到一条驳船上拖走。

Seven floating cranes — including a massive one capable of lifting 1,000 tons — 10 tugboats, nine barges, eight salvage vessels and five Coast Guard boats are on site in the water southeast of Baltimore.

Each movement affects what happens next and ultimately how long it will take to remove all the debris and reopen the ship channel and the blocked Port of Baltimore, Maryland Governor Wes Moore said.
马里兰州长韦斯·摩尔(Wes Moore)说,每个行动都会影响到下一步发生什么,以及最终清除所有废墟并重开巴尔的摩港口被封航运的时间。

"I cannot stress enough how important today and the first movement of this bridge and of the wreckage is. This is going to be a remarkably complicated process," Moore said.

One of the first goals for crews on the water is to get a smaller auxiliary ship channel open so tugboats and other small barges can move freely. Crews also want to stabilize the site so divers can continue a search for four missing workers who are presumed dead.

Maryland transportation officials are planning to rebuild the bridge, promising to consider innovative designs or building materials to hopefully shorten a project that could take years.

President Joe Biden's administration has approved $60 million in immediate aid and promised the federal government will pay the full cost to rebuild.

Ship traffic at the Port of Baltimore remains suspended, but the Maryland Port Administration said trucks were still being processed at marine terminals.