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Cargo Ship Reported Losing Power Before Crashing Into Major US Bridge

[2024年3月27日] 来源:VOA News  整理:Geilien.cn   字号 [] [] []  

Pilots of the cargo ship that crashed into a major bridge in the U.S. city of Baltimore, Maryland, issued a mayday call shortly before the structure collapsed into a river, enabling authorities to save lives, according to the state’s governor.



"We can confirm that the crew notified authorities of a power issue," Maryland Governor Wes Moore told reporters Tuesday morning, hours after the incident. Moore said the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali had no power before smashing into one of two main columns supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge and causing the bridge to collapse.

在事故发生后数小时,马里兰州长韦斯·摩尔(Wes Moore)周二早晨对记者们说:“我们可以证实船员通知当局出现动力问题。”摩尔说,悬挂新加坡旗帜的集装箱货轮“大理号”(Dali)在撞上弗朗西斯·斯科特·基大桥(Francis Scott Key Bridge)的两座主要支柱之一并导致桥梁坍塌之前,失去了动力。


Moore said the crew’s warning enabled transportation officials to quickly halt traffic along the interstate highway crossing over the bridge. "These people are heroes. They saved lives last night," the governor said. The ship’s crew also dropped its anchors in a futile attempt to avert the disaster.



Even so, eight people on the bridge, reportedly all part of a construction repair crew filling highway potholes, were believed to have plummeted into the Patapsco River during the incident, which occurred at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.



Video showed a large section of the bridge quickly collapsing into the river after the Dali collided with the support column. The vessel is 48 meters (157 feet) wide and 300 meters (984 feet) long and was loaded with cargo containers setting sail for Sri Lanka.



Authorities said several vehicles — perhaps five — were on the bridge when the collapse occurred, apparently vehicles driven there by the workers and later discovered in the water.



U.S. President Joe Biden said at the White House that he would ask Congress for federal funding to rebuild the bridge and that he plans to visit the site soon.

美国总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)在白宫说,他将请求国会提供联邦资金,重建桥梁,并计划很快访问现场。



“We’re going to rebuild that port,” which he said supports 15,000 jobs. “We’re going to rebuild that bridge as soon as humanly possible.”



He said there was no reason to suspect terrorism in the incident, even as conspiracists offered nefarious theories about the cause of the incident on U.S. websites.



Moore declared a state of emergency and said the state is working “with an interagency team to quickly deploy federal resources from the Biden administration.


巴尔的摩市长布兰登·斯科特(Brandon Scott)称货船撞桥事件是“难以想象的悲剧”。巴尔的摩警察局长理查德·沃利(Richard Worley)说,“没有迹象”显示这起事件是故意行为。

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott called the incident “an unthinkable tragedy.” Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said there is “no indication” the collision was intentional.


管理“大理号”的Synergy海事集团(Synergy Marine Group)发表声明说,所有船上人员,包括船上的两名领航员和20名船员的下落都已查明,未听说有船上人员受伤。

Synergy Marine Corporation, managers of the Dali, issued a statement saying that all its crew members, including the two pilots on board and 20 crew members, were accounted for and there were no reports of injuries on board the vessel.



The 47-year-old, 2.5-kilometer-long (1.5 miles) Francis Scott Key bridge is a major link in the interstate highway that circles the city of Baltimore, which has one of the largest ports in the United States. Biden said 30,000 vehicles crossed the bridge on a typical day.


这座大桥以《星条旗》(The Star Spangled Banner)的作者弗朗西斯·斯科特·基(Francis Scott Key)命名。1812年,英美两国爆发战争。1814年,弗朗西斯·斯科特·基亲眼目睹英军炮击巴尔的摩的美军要塞,他被守军的顽强所鼓舞,写下了《星条旗》这首诗。这首诗后来被谱上曲,最终成为美国的国歌。

The bridge was named after Francis Scott Key, the writer of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a poem later set to music to eventually become the U.S. national anthem.Key was inspired to write the poem after witnessing the British bombardment of a major U.S. military fort in Baltimore in 1814 during the war between the countries that began in 1812.