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同舟共济|Ride on the Same Boat

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同舟共济,Ride on the Same Boat

In the Spring and Autumn period, the State of Wu and the State of Yue didn’t get along well. They had been fighting against each other for years.People in each country also didn’t have a good relationship.

One day, the people of Wu and the people of Yue happened to be on the same boat to cross a river. At the beginning, they didn’t say a word with each other. When the boat sailed to the center of the river, a strong wind came. In no time, huge waves hit people’s faces. It seemed that the boat would sink at any time. Just then, they forgot all the hatred between two countries and began to help each other just like they were family. In the end, they safely got to the river bank under everyone’s effort.





happened to do sth.:碰巧做某事


huge wave:巨浪



river bank:岸边