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掩耳盗铃|Cheating myself

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掩耳盗铃,Cheating myself

Once upon a time, there was a thief saw a doorbell hanging on the neighbour’s door. He wanted to steal it. But he knew that bell would ring as soon as he touched it. And then he would be discovered. He thought: Only using ears can hear the sound. What if I cover my ears? Then the sound would not be heard anymore. Whereupon he covered his own ears and tried to steal the bell. However, he was discovered immediately when he touched the bell.

从前有一个人,看见人家大门上挂着一个铃铛,想把它偷走。 他知道,那个铃铛只要用手一碰,就会丁零丁零地响起来,被人发觉。他想:“响声要用耳朵才能听见,如果把耳朵掩起来,不是就听不见了吗?” 于是,他掩住了自己的耳朵,伸手去偷那个铃铛。谁知手刚碰到铃铛,他就被人发觉了。


thief 小偷

hang 悬挂

as soon as 一......就

discover 发现

be done 被动语态

被...... (be discovered 被发现)

what if 如果,假使

cover 掩盖

whereupon 于是

steal 偷

immediately 立即,马上