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come,go,bring, take deny,refuse,reject,decline '-ed' and '-ing'
'Made of' or 'Made from' Wear,put on,dress,be dressed in Assure, ensure, insure
hire or rent rise or raise drive or ride
Hold or keep Hope or wish 'last' and 'take'
'lend' or 'borrow' let or leave 'lie' or 'lay'
'look', 'see' and 'watch' 'make' or 'do' seem, appear and look
melt, thaw and antonyms 'wait' and 'await' verbs with adverbial particles
'used to' and 'be used to' Rise, arise and raise remind,remember...
Accident or Incident wedding or marriage travel,trips,journeys
meeting,gathering,etc 'lunch', 'dinner' and 'supper' 'kinds', 'types', 'sorts'
Equipment,tool,etc faults,flaws,weaknesses,etc broadcaster,presenter,etc
sum or amount pain,ache,ill,sick,hurt relations,relatives,relationships
'sport' or 'game' Situation,Position,Condition wound,hurt,harm,damage
Problems and troubles solicitor,lawyer,attorney teacher,trainer,instructor
Adjective order Position of adjectives afraid,scared,etc
appropriate,suitable,etc bored and boring Continual and continuous
Eminent or prominent 'good' and 'well' horrible, horrific,etc
'Incredible' and 'unbelievable' Large or Big Worth and worthwhile
Compulsive and compulsory 'definite' and definitive' 'dedicated' and 'devoted'
Economic and economical 'effective' or 'efficient' 'efficient' or 'effective'
'lazy' and 'idle' 'effective' or 'efficient' 'efficient' or 'effective'
Use of 'so' and 'such' Use of quite hardly, hardly ever, hardly any
perhaps,maybe,may,might Especially and specially yet,still,already
Approximately,Roughly,etc always or ever actually,in fact,well
As or Like at, in and on 'behind' and 'beyond'
'to' and 'for' because,as,since,for 'by' and 'from'
during,for,by,until in front of,before,etc 'for' and 'during'
Pronouns and Determiners
either,neither,too Lots of, A lot of, A lot Learning and using synonyms